Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why are your prices so low? Am I getting a lesser product? A Stripped down version?

A: Far from it!

Before we started developing software, we purchased many software packages just like you.

We asked ourselves many times, why we were paying $100,200, 300 or more for software we were using.
We also wondered why other software makers required you to stop using the software after 30 days.
Sometimes it took us longer than that to really understand how useful (or not) a product will be.

Q: It is true I can continue to use your software after the 30 days is up?
A: Absolutely!
After the 30 day period has passed, most of the software will just pop up a simple reminder to support Winsor Computing software.

Q: Sure, your website says I can just email requests. Most companies seem to ignore my emails, why wont you?
A: Unlike most larger corporations, Winsor Computing is an extremely small company.
(Not some corporate black box where all your support questions seem to disappear into)
We treat each email like an email from a friend. We read each email, and send a reply usually within a day or so.
Your suggestions are treated very highly.
After all, who best to add suggestions and value to the software than the users of the software.

Q: I read on you services page that you make toys?
A: Yes.
We work closely with the inventors and major toy companies. We help design and write evaluation software for use in determining the toy interest to the manufacturer and consumer.
We have created code used in toys like:
See-n-Say story maker
Talking Barney
G.I. Joe Talking Duke and hundreds of more.

Q: I am a student and was wondering if I could get a free copy of your product?
A: You got it!
We were all students at some point in our careers. We know that students have a limited budget, and need their cash for more important things like Books, Classes, and the occasional Friday night out !  😉
Also, and more importantly, we realize that students have a seemingly unlimited source of ideas.
At Winsor Computing, we would like to hear any ideas which will enhance our software.
That’s why we give you free software!
Just send an email to: freereg @ (with the subject FREE REGISTRATION REQUEST.)

NOTE: Your email request must come from a .edu site.