Winsor Computing Water Patrol – Be safe and dry !

Water Patrol – Be safe and dry !


Water damage can be an expensive issue. With the Water Patrol device you can reduce the likelihood of costly damage by catching the water leak before it gets out of control.

When water is detected, Water Patrol can send one or all of the following alerts:

  • A SMS text message to your phone.
  • An email.
  • A Amazon Echo alert message.

Floods can been prevented if a Water Patrol device is correctly installed & the battery is maintained.
Within seconds of water being detected, you are alerted with:

Given enough warning you could start a pump running and avoid costly repairs.

garage with bike and boxes during a flood

Requires no tools for installation if the provided double sided tape is used for mounting the device.

Comes with 50 SMS alert messages.
Using the SMS message notification feature is not required to use the device.
Email notifications & Amazon Echo notify are free.

User Manual

Firmware Upgrades

NOTE:  Applying a new upgrade may erase your existing settings. 

You should write down what settings you currently have before upgrading in case they need to be reapplied.  We make every effort to provide updates which do not require new settings.

Go to the web interface and choose the upgrade menu option.   You can then browse to the location on your PC/phone where you downloaded the firmware file.  

 If you have a very weak WiFi signal, multiple attempts may be needed. Try disabling and re-enabling your PC or phone wifi and then close and re-open the sensor to acquire a better connection.

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Click here for firmware release notes

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