Winsor Computing Mail Patrol – A simple way to check your mailbox

Mail Patrol – A simple way to check your mailbox


Are you tired of walking down to your mailbox and finding that the mail delivery did not arrive?
Battling snow, rain, wind, ice only to find an empty box !

Easy to use? You bet! Let me tell you about this product…

You simply add your email & cellphone number into the built in web page of this device, mount it to your mailbox, and the next time the mail delivery arrives you will be notified by an email message and/or a SMS text message! Simple huh?

Uses your home Wifi connection to send email and SMS. You just need to add your Wifi SSID and Password. The device will wake up when the door is opened, connect to your wifi and send the required messages.

A magnet and sensor attach to your mailbox door. The device can be mounted outside or inside your mailbox.

Requires no tools for installation if the provided double sided tape is used for mounting the device.

Comes with 312 SMS messages
(which will last about 1 year with a two door mailbox)
Additional SMS messages can be purchased for a very small fee.
Using the SMS message notification feature is not required to use the device.
Email notifications & Amazon Echo notify are free.

Excluding 6.25% tax

User Manual

User Manual

Click here for manual

Firmware Upgrades

NOTE:  Applying a new upgrade may erase your existing settings. 

You should write down what settings you currently have before upgrading in case they need to be reapplied.  We make every effort to provide updates which do not require new settings.

Go to the web interface and choose the upgrade menu option.   You can then browse to the location on your PC/phone where you downloaded the firmware file.    If you have a very weak WiFi signal, multiple attempts may be needed. Try disabling and re-enabling your PC or phone wifi and then close and re-open the sensor to acquire a better connection.

Click icon below for latest firmware

Click here for firmware release notes

Download V1 firmware
Download 1.00 legacy firmware only
Download V2 firmware
Download V2.00 firmware
(2meg ram hardware only)
Excluding 6.25% tax
Excluding 6.25% tax
Excluding 6.25% tax

Excluding 6.25% tax

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