Winsor Computing Chicken Coop Controller Kit – The most advanced automatic coop door opener you can buy! PERIOD!

Chicken Coop Controller Kit – The most advanced automatic coop door opener you can buy! PERIOD!



In this demo, we show you how you could use your voice to control your coop door and turn on external devices.

In this example we have a light connected to relay1)

Every day your coop door could open this easliy! (and it tracks sunrise and sunset WITHOUT a light sensor)


Introducing The Coop Controller

The Coop Controller will make running chicken coops so much easier. Installation is just 3 easy steps: 1) Mount the controller above the door. 2) Connect the cord on the bottom of the controller to your coop door. 3)  Set times to open and close door. and that’s it.  Your coop door will be controlled and easy to manage for years. No more running through pouring rain or shoveling through snow just to open the door on your coop each morning ! The coop controller is much more than an automated door. It also contains the following features:

  • Integrates with Amazon Echo!   (Requires WiFi connection) Just say things like: “Alexa, open the coop door” or “Alexa, turn on the coop light”
  • Unlike other coop door openers which use a light sensor,  our controller adjusts the open and close events based on the time of year & GPS location ! The benefit is that this product can be installed inside or outside the coop.
  • Powerful motor which can lift a 10 lb (4.5 kg) door.   (Minimum of a 2 lb door is required, which is the weight of most wood doors.) 20 lb (9.1 kg) doors have been tested, but we do not warranty the life of the controller when using doors over 10 lbs. (Other coop door products only can lift 2- 5 lb doors.) Comes installed with a 6 foot Kevlar cord rated at over 150lbs for years of trouble free operation !
  • Easy to adjust door open height using adjustable cord magnet.  Just push in the button and slide the magnet up and down the cord. (No magnets or switches are required to be installed on your door!)
  • Contains two user controllable relays  (the black connections shown below) which can control lights, feeders, cameras or any other device you can dream up.   There are up to 10 user configurable timed schedules for the relays. Each relay is protected from shorting using built-in auto reset  fuses.
  • Contains two diagnostic LEDs.  The LEDs can be set to blink at night. This mimics predator eyes blinking in the dark and has been shown to ward off other predators.  The LEDS can also be turned off.


  • Comes with a 12V 1A power supply.
  • Custom case colors are available: Red, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Purple, Gray, Black, Sky Blue, Hi-Vis Yellow, Hi-Vis Green. Shiny Gold,  Copper (shown in images above) and Shiny Silver are also available.   Send us an email about a custom color!

Note: Dark colors will register higher internal temperatures if mounted in a sunny location.

Please allow 1 week before product is shipped.  Controllers are custom made to order. Some colors may not be in stock.   Please e-mail us with your color preference after ordering to verify color selection.

User Manual

User Manual

Click here for Coop Controller manual

Firmware Upgrades

NOTE:  Applying a new upgrade may erase your existing settings.  You should write down what settings you currently have before upgrading in case they need to be reapplied.  We make every effort to provide updates which do not require new settings. Go to the web interface and choose the upgrade menu option.   You can then browse to the location where you downloaded the firmware file. The controller will reboot when the download is complete.   If you have a very weak wiFi signal, multiple attempts may be needed.

Click icon below for latest firmware



Click here for firmware release notes



Click here to download the latest android application (BETA)

Windows Application (BETA)

Click here for Windows application

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