Winsor Computing 4 years of SMS messaging extension

4 years of SMS messaging extension


If you use Mail Patrol and you wish to continue receiving SMS messages when your mailbox is opened,
This SMS purchase will extend your SMS by 1248 more SMS messages.

The quantity assumes you will open your mailbox once a day for 4 years. (6 days a week)
This is a 20% savings over buying 1 year, each year, for 4 years.

After getting the license key, connect to your Mail Patrol device and navigate to the Mail/SMS
settings page. You will see a section near the bottom which looks similar to this:

Mail Patrol license input area

Copy the license key from your email you received after purchasing an extension and paste it into the redeem box. Click “Save Settings”

Your count of SMS message should have increased

Excluding 6.25% tax

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